Allotment Projects

Project Name: Allotment Projects

Project Stage: Completed / Ongoing

Architect: Zean Macfarlane

Location: Roding Road Allotments

The Allotment Projects was birthed from solving a problem. Environments like London make it almost impossible for young entrepreneurs, students and professionals to have their own space to retreat to within an affordable budget. I personally found myself in this bubble until I discovered that UK allotments can be rented for as little as £50 a year. This offers a solution for young people to have their own privacy, relaxation and creative space at a low cost (as long as they are willing to get their hands dirty). 

The Allotment Projects is now a project that helps to spread the awareness of allotments to the younger generation. We have witnessed how UK allotments can benefit our societies in many ways, from healthy eating, educating, easing mental health, sustainability, recycling and building better communities. We hope to continue spreading our message and supporting the general modernisation of UK allotments whilst respecting its rich and wonderful history. 

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