Bloom Project

Project Name: Bloom Project

Client Name: Sasha Wallace

Project Stage: Feasibility

Architect: Zean Macfarlane

The Bloom Project involved Zean Macfarlane Architecture Studio creating a feasibility study for our client Sasha Wallace. Sasha Wallace is a consultant in London with professional experience in the Mental Health Sector. Our studio helped Sasha step by step to bring her vision into something readable and something workable.

The project itself is a community centre with its target audience being “everyone”. We both believed mental health is an issue that we all deal with as individuals, therefore the centre is designed to bring attention to this. The project allows visitors to explore different pods surrounding the main heart space. These pods provide a series of mental health healing methods inspired by chakras, energy work and modern day healing methods.

Sasha is currently in the stage of seeking investment for the project. For more information check the link below.

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