Instagram for Business

Project Name: Instagram for Business Collaboration

Client Name: Facebook + Instagram

Project Stage: Completed

Artist: Zean Macfarlane

Back in 2018 Instagram for business reached out to Zean Macfarlane for an opportunity to collaborate. They acknowledged that Zean was using the platform with a business mindset as well as sharing his creativity. This accompanied with the fact that Zean Macfarlane was one of leaders in bringing Architects and architectural illustration to Instagram was a journey Instagram wanted to share. The collaboration included doing a series of live drawings showing the process of how Zean creates his illustrations. Followed by a final piece pictured above accompanied with an interview which can be read below.


1. What’s the brief history of your company?

Zean Macfarlane Architecture Studio is a small architecture practice based in London. The studio embraces many sides of architecture, from VR to education and construction. Jobs vary from small domestic housing right through to community centres.

2. When and why did you start an account for your business on Instagram?

I started using the app for business around 3 years ago and I’ve been posting daily ever since! It initially began as a sketchbook of ideas. I kept kicking myself for thinking of a new concept but not getting it down on paper. From there it evolved into a healthy routine that exercised my creativity and essentially inspired a few in my industry along the way. 

3. What story are you trying to tell?

I like architecture that makes us think. 

4. Do you use Instagram Stories? What other Instagram tools have helped you grow your business, and how?

I use Instagram stories to help followers understand my thought process. The method of capturing my process varies. Sometimes I produce live drawings and other times I sell online tutorials. I also find Instagram search tools very helpful, especially for honing down on inspiration, markets, hashtags and influencers.

5. What advice would you give other companies that want to start an account or run ads on Instagram?

My advice on advertising and starting an account would be to test! Trial and error is the key to nailing the growth of your business. If it’s testing your post images, being creative with your descriptions or throwing in a random tag, it all adds to the learning experience. Furthermore understanding your audience is also vital. As well as showing your audience respect, listen to them! More often than not, they’ll tell you what they want. 

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