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Project Name: Sleeping Pod / Anarchitecture

Location: London

Client Name: Future’s venture

Project Stage: Completed

Budget: £15,000

Architect: Zean Macfarlane

Collaborator: Richard DeDomenici

Contractor: FN Build

Inspired by the undesirable substations of London (click here). The sleeping pod project is an experimental prototype living structure designed to hide within Londons urban fabric. As an installation the architecture splits its viewers into two camps. Those who see the design as something too small to live in, a hazard or possibly even a joke, and those who see the structure as a possible solution to “real” affordable housing. Regardless the installation most definitely mirrors to us our own privileges and forces us to question, could such a proposal help those in need.

The sleeping pod is 2×3 metres complete with a toilet, shower, kitchenette and sleeping space. In use the unit is connected to permitted land similar to portacabins where the structure is connected to running water and waste facilities.

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Photo credit: Richard DeDomenici